Say: I’m Stronger Than Yesterday

Every man needs to be strong. In the future, a boy will be a husband, a man who lead the family through the world, feed the children, the wife, so as a man, me myself, and maybe all of you who read this post, have to stand steadily yet strongly to face the future.

Sometimes we’ll find difficulties during the tenure, like what I’m facing right now.. đŸ˜†

There’re some frictions happened around me, I won’t tell where, ‘cuz it will affects my future. As many people believe, it’s hard to mix different parts into one part prefectly. A person has differences — in behaviour and the way he/she thinking — with another. Some clashes will always happen around us.

I admit, I’m not kind of person who can accept the judges and perceptions toward myself, I have my own opinion I hold so tight. So, when some people around me trying to mess with me, I won’t act softly.

Sorry, but you just can’t be so weak. Sometimes, rebellion inside us wanna break free, let it free. Be yourslef, be strong. Peace.


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I'm a dreamer, I'm a gamer, I'm a musician, I'm an artist, I'm Virgo A'raaf. View all posts by igo_adrian

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