Love’s SUCK

Hey– it’s my second post! In English, I mean.. 🙂

Yeah, you may think it’s all about what I’m feeling right now, that’s good, that’s correct one. As I said in my first post, it’s safe to say everything in English, because I love English, not many people knew what I said. Hahaha– that because I still need to improve my English.

I’d like to talk about something important in case of relationship, between you or I with our girl/boyfriend. I realize, for a guy like me, 23 years old living with my current job, I started to think about..ummm… marriage, y’know? It’s normal… When you have a good work, good salary, and you think you can make money, you’ll have no reason to suspend.

Of course, there are some problems existed too, like the parents, the environments, and most likely – your girl/boyfriend itself. Y’know, eventhough you two are already been there, as a couple, for three years or more, it can’t guarantee you’ll smoothly go to the stage of marriage.

Me myself, was giving everything I could give, to be a good boy for my girl. But still, it wasn’t enough to make her feels safe, secure, and beloved. I don’t know, even I knew I’m giving everything I can give and made her number one, she still thought I made her second or fourth… Yeah, it’s love, and love is SUCK.

Thanks for reading. 🙂


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