…and Who Am I?

Hei, this is my first post in full English..and.. y’know, I just thought that it’s quiet safe to share everything in English..

Yeah, where’d I began? Should I describe myself so all of you directly close this page? Nope. Should I let you to know what my hobby is…?? Please, that’s not interesting.

So, let me tell you what I’m facing right now…

Sometimes, I don’t know what made a man, a boy like me — living. As a young man, it’s fair to say that I’m still trying to find the reasons I lived. I was born in this fragile world twenty three years ago, it was Sunday..at dawn. I went to kindergarten, elementary, junior and high School, college, and now I have this knowledge, now I have something to prove to everyone and let them know that I’m existed.

You know what, I’ve been made big steps. I quit my job as a teacher (which should take to match my education) then being jobless for about two or three months. I just played games for time to time until I heard there’s oportunity at Radio Suara Jaya Patria FM (Radio Patria Blitar). I sent my application letter, and I received invitation to attend the tests two days after.

In short, now I’ve been worked for five months. It’s hard at first but know I’m enjoy it. But that’s not what I wanna share…

It’s the reason behind me working this hard (I’m all out man..). The only reason is HER. I wanna make her happy, I wanna make her proud. She’s my mom, but she’s not the only HER I mean.. It’s my girl..

And now we’re in the middle of a quarell..the prob’s ain’t so big…but. It’s allright. I hope we can make peace in a short of time.

C Ya..thanks for reading. 😉


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